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Pricing Page

Pricing Plans

Free trial

  • 2 keywords package
  • Just one request at a time
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  • No keywords/URL limit
  • Process entire sites (as wikipedia)
  • Multiple simultaneous requests
  • Faster results (dedicated queue)

Basic Keywords

  • 20 keywords or 100 URLs
  • Each keyword explores about 10 URLs
  • Just one request at a time
  • Slower results (shared queue)
  • Explore up to 100.000 internal links per URL
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No. All keywords bought in a FREE/BASIC can be used at any time, today or whenever you need them.
FREE/BASIC packages allow only one request at a time. Once the request has been processed and you get your results, you can send another one.

The BUSINESS subscription allows for multiple requests to be processed at the same time.
Payments are usually instantaneous, but sometimes Paypal takes a few minutes to notify us. If your keywords do not appear on your account in 30 minutes, please contact us.