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Hundreds of domains expire on the Internet every day, yet they are very valuable domains, with high DA and PR. Such domains still have a lot of active backlinks, which make them highly reputable in the eyes of Google.

EDT can track all the domains related to your keywords. It searches for your keywords on Google and analyses all the result pages looking for expired domains that are still linked to those pages. Plus, EDT follows all their internal links to get more and more expired domain names.

Analysing all these data is a heavy and slow process. EDT works in the background and will notify you as soon as its task is complete, so just relax, while EDT makes all the hard work! :)


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You can get a trial account to test Expired Domain Tracker with 2 free keywords, no credit card required. Or you can take a look at our Pricing options and choose the one which suits you best.

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Now you can choose which domains EDT will search for, other than the common .com or .org. You can search for all ccTLDs like, .de, or .br and the new gTLDs.

Google engine

What Google local engine do you need for you keywords? Is it Is it Choose it in your requests to get localized results.